Kills current mosquitos while creating a barrier to protect more mosquitos from crossing the spray perimeter.

Easy to Operate – Simple to Understand.


Order No.    Description
GF3P40HP     40 gallon HP Mist Sprayer with LAU 15" fan
GF3P60HP     60 gallon HP Mist Sprayer
GF3P100HP   100 gallon HP Mist Sprayer
GF3P150HP   150 gallon HP Mist Sprayer

All 3-Point Mist Sprayers have our High Performance (HP) fan.

High Performance Fan


  • Lau 15" fan (18" housing) 
  • Air speeds from 160+ mph 
  • 160'+ horizontal to 120' vertical (distance will depend on the wind conditions)


Starting MSRP