Easy to Operate – Simple to Understand.


Built with
You in Mind

  • GForce fans (class III) includes Heavy Duty greaseable bearings and safety rings notched in place to remain on the fan blades during hard use.  A first now being produced by others. Air speeds of 100+ mph.
  • GForce mist sprayers provide the operator with spray control.  This provides easy access to all necessary controls out of harms way.
  • Our fans are belt driven with a Heavy Duty cogged V-belt for very dependable service.
  • GForce discharge tubes are galvanized steel and Raptor coated inside and out for all chemical protection to be used with a mist sprayer.
  • GForce delivers uniform spray with no dead spots, as tested with our digital air speed indicator, to deliver the most efficient chemical application.
  • GForce discharge tube sprays both directions. Easily rotates spray opposite directions.
  • Spray insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and foliar feed with a fraction of the water volume needed with boom sprayers.
  • Kills current mosquitos while creating a barrier to protect more mosquitos from crossing the spray perimeter.

Go where
Boom Sprayers Can't Go

  • GForce can spray your roughest tough spots such as ravines/ditches, fence lines, terraces, trees/brush areas and wet or steep sites.
  • GForce will spray your livestock and around hog/poultry building areas.
  • Cover either side with our 210 degree rotation of our spray volate. Discharge tube rotates by a 12 volt actuator or manually by hand.  Adjust at any level to spray at any height.
  • GForce will enable you to create spray barriers for biting insects, grasshoppers and other pesky bugs.
  • Protect your livestock and feedlots from pests.
  • Protect your produce acres/truck farming crops.
  • Create pest barriers.
  • Foliar feed your various specialty crops.
  • GForce can be used for most of your spraying needs when the conditions demand. Cover the areas not capable with other sprayers as your needs arise. GForce is a specialty sprayer that can do most all types of spraying when necessary.
  • Gov’t entities can use the GForce on public properties for mosquito and other insect and pest control.  City and counties control mosquitoes in parks, golf courses and river areas.
  • Kills current mosquitoes while creating a barrier to protect more mosquitos from crossing the spray perimeter.
  • GForce is the highest quality, heavy duty, dependable and most cost efficient mist blower of its type on the market.


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